Teacher criticizes Channel One’s “Ads in schools” report

June 2, 2014
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Screen shot from Channel One’s lighthearted look at advertising in schools.


 See our original story.  Unbelievable that Channel One NEWS would do a news story on “Ads in schools” and not mention itself.  But, that’s what students get when Channel One News is brought to them by a youth marketing company.  (Channel One News was developed in order to put advertising in front of a captive audience of schoolchildren. The company has always been run by a marketing or advertising executive.)


A teacher who would rather not be identified pointed out some other problems with Channel One’s story:

Things missing in the ads story (besides the obvious that Channel One has been a huge part of the controversy):

– Kelly Wood should have been clearly identified as a consultant for Target on the camp project in both the script and in her “bottom third” identification. A select few viewers may have made this connection but that’s beside the point. Ms. Wood was not only a “corporate sponsorship consultant” in the context of this story, she was directly consulting Target.

Kelly Wood’s LinkedIn Profile:


– Experts known for their opposition of school advertising should have at least been offered an interview, no matter how uncomfortable Channel One may have been with this idea. If those experts refused, Channel One could have then had the basic “cover your butt” disclaimer that “we contacted ___________ for an interview but they declined to speak with us”. Otherwise, there was no reason to air this story other than to advance Channel One’s agenda.





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