Monica Burns

October 25, 2014
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Monica Burns calls herself an independent education consultant. Pay her and she’ll say good things about your company.


From Jim Metrock:  Ms. Monica Burns quit classroom teaching and is now a saleswoman.  She is writing articles for Channel One’s website.  Ms. Burns is praising Channel One and plugging the controversial Common Core national standards whenever she can.

It makes sense that she is gushing about how wonderful Channel One is. After all, she evidently is being paid by Channel One.

Ms. Burns calls herself an “independent, education consultant.” 

Independent?  She promotes Apple products because she was picked to be an Apple Distinguished Educator.  She is urging teachers to try Channel One News because she is a consultant to Channel One.  

“Independent Education Consultant”

Education“?  Ah, Ms. Burns was indeed once a classroom teacher before she became a self promoter and a promoter-for-hire.

Consultant“?  That doesn’t seem the right word for Ms. Burns.  Just read her words about Common Core and it is instantly clearly that she has an agenda.  She won’t present both sides of the Common Core controversy.  She is pushing teachers to embrace and love these national standards.  One reason there is no balance to Ms. Burn’s articles about Common Core is that her client Channel One is betting the farm on Common Core saving their company.


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