More and more “reporters” for less and less audience.

September 10, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.32.05 PMFrom Jim Metrock:

It is getting very hard to find a school district that is showing Channel One News.  Without the fear of Channel One taking away their TV network, schools no longer have a need to honor the terms of the old Channel One contract.  [Show our daily, 12-minute TV show to student on 80% of school days or we will rip out your satellite dish and TV sets!]

In 2012 Channel One transferred title to their TV equipment to schools.  That move saved Channel One possibly millions of dollars in disposal fees, but it had to have cost the company a considerable portion of their then-4 million-something schools.

Oddly Channel One keeps adding on-air personalities to their lineup.  More people for fewer viewers.  I learned long ago that something doesn’t need to make sense for Channel One to do it.

Ms. Celestino was added over the summer.  Now there are six anchors or “reporters” as they are often described.  They are all talking to a much smaller audience than they might have believed existed when they were hired.

It is painful to see someone who can choose a more legitimate career path, choose Channel One.  Channel One years are such a waste of their time.  But most of the six are in their twenties and at that age you can burn a few years in a dead-end job and not hurt yourself much.  The really bad part of working for Channel One is having to explain to future employers why you chose to work for a kiddie marketing firm.



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