Schools continue to disrespect Channel One News

May 9, 2016

Schools breach channel one news contract by showing program before school starts.

2006 wasn't a good year for Channel One News.

Channel One’s audience numbers.



From Jim Metrock:

Schools continue to show Channel One before school starts.  Schools that are serious about academics will not allow Channel One News to interfere with their school day.  The remaining advertisers on Channel One have to know that the TV show doesn’t have the audience it once had.

Students at J. A. Fair High School and Wren High School see little of Channel One’s daily broadcast.

Channel One’s contract requires schools to show the Channel One TV show  “between the bells” meaning after the tardy bell and before the bell dismissing school for the day.  Once upon a time Channel One could force schools to comply.  That ended two years ago when Channel One “donated” all their TV equipment to schools.


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