Moving van at the dock: Channel One has to move again.

August 23, 2016


“ANNOUNCEMENT: Channel One’s New York offices are moving this week. As of Monday, October 8th, we will be located at 1440 Broadway, 17th Fl., NY, NY 10018. Our new phone # is: 212-204-3700; Fax: 212-204-3960. All e-mails remain the same. Please make note of the change.”

From Jim Metrock:  That was 2001.  Sinking revenues caused Channel One executives (they had executives then) to move out of their plush Madison Avenue offices.

Since then Channel One has been losing schools and students every year.  The big money days are gone and Channel One’s ragtag team of misfits have become corporate nomads -always on the move – frequently moving their studios and moving their offices.

Since 2005, Channel One has moved their studios from Los Angeles to a strip mall studio in Washington, DC to a small corner studio at NBC, to an even smaller one at CBS, to some spare space at Houghton Mifflin’s New York office.  Now they have moved yet again.

Channel One’s offices have also been shuffled around.  They were on Broadway after leaving Madison Avenue. Then they shared some space in the extremely dumpy Alloy & Media and Marketing offices, then they moved to 345 7th Avenue which they shared with Cliff Notes (how appropriate), and now they have a new home on the 14th floor at 132 W. 31st Street… at least for a while.


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