Channel One News audience? Under 2 million?

October 25, 2016

Public gets clue to Channel One’s shrunken audience numbers.

2006 wasn't a good year for Channel One News.

One Vote election shows desperate situation for Channel One News.

From Jim Metrock:  Every four years Channel One News conducts a mock Presidential election.

This year Channel One has declared Hillary Clinton the winner, but the bigger news is how few students participated in this year’s election.

In 2004, Channel One claimed 1.4 million students voted.

This year, the vote was less than 300,000. That means “200,000-something.”

That’s a 78% decrease in student participation.

In 2004, Channel One claimed they had 7,000,000 students under contract.  Since 2012, the company has refused to give the public any updated audience numbers, claiming each year their numbers unbelievably remain unchanged at “nearly 5,000,000.”

Based on the decline in their mock election participation, one could argue that Channel One’s audience is 1,540,000.  (22% (300,000/1,400,000) X 7,000,000).

Until Channel One releases accurate audience numbers, it should be assumed this kiddie marketing company has a student audience of “under 2,ooo,ooo” and that’s being charitable.




For example, in 2000, Bush won the student election with 58.9 percent of the 877,497 middle- and high-school students who voted. The biggest issue to students then was crime and violence.

In 2004, Bush won again with 55 percent out of 1.4 million student votes. He even won Pennsylvania and had a near sweep of the swing states.

In 2008, Obama won with 58.5 percent of the student vote, according to OneVote’s press release. The economy was the biggest issue, followed by the war in Iraq.

Currently, the economy is the biggest issue on students’ minds, based on survey data from OneVote.


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