BusRadio tagged with 'FCC'

This bad idea is now dead. We leave the articles up on our site to discourage any company who thinks advertising on a school bus might be a money maker. BusRadio loaned schools special radios with several safety features in exchange for having the attention of a captive audience of young bus riders. They targeted special radio advertising to various age groups. The youngest riders targeted were kindergarten students. When parents found out about BusRadio parents ended BusRadio.

JUST IN: FCC Issues Report On BusRadio

September 8, 2009
JUST IN: FCC Issues Report On BusRadio

Today the Federal Communications Commission issued their report to Congress about BusRadio. Parents and other citizens should read this report; school board members, superintendents, and pupil transportation directors NEED to read this report. Obligation urges every school district that still has BusRadio playing on their buses should suspend the playing of BusRadio until this...