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Channel One News is a youth marketing company whose main purpose is to get advertising to a captive audience of impressionable schoolchildren. The company loans a school TV equipment in exchange for the school’s contractual pledge to show students a daily, 12-minute, hyper-commercial, TV program called Channel One News. Students lose one hour a week of schools time, which equates to one lost week of instructional time (32 hours) per year. No educational organization endorses the use of Channel One News.

Channel One has fallen on very hard times. Once they claimed over 8 million students were under contract. Since 1997 they have continued to lose schools and now they claim “nearly five million” students and the true figure is probably lower.

In May 2014, publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt acquired Channel One from ZelnickMedia the makers of the ultra-violent Grand Thief Auto video game series. Houghton Mifflin did not disclose the purchase price.

At the end of 2014 most of Channel One’s full-paying advertisers have abandoned the program.

“The Academy Award For Most Moronic Pretend News Show Goes To… Channel One!”

March 25, 2002
“The Academy Award For Most Moronic Pretend News Show Goes To… Channel One!”

The Oscars returned to Hollywood last night for the first time since 1960. Lucky for school kids, Channel One’s studio is in Hollywood so it was easy for them to cover this important current event. Below is part of today’s transcript. (KRYSTAL ON CAM) IT WAS AN EXCITING NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD BECAUSE...
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