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Students See Baby Shot In The Face On Channel One

February 2, 1998

A distraught mother in Utah wrote us that her 12-year-old son was traumatized by a violent segment on Channel One. She said that on January 28 and 29, her son watched a sniper put the cross hairs of a rifle on a baby’s face and then a shot rang out. The boy has a new baby sister, the...
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“Channel One Practices Raise Tough Questions”

January 12, 1998
“Channel One Practices Raise Tough Questions”

SIZE=”-1″ FACE=”Arial”>Cover of “Alabama School Boards” magazine for December 1997. “Alabama School Boards” is the monthly magazine published by the Alabama Association of School Boards. They asked Obligation to write an article about the controversial Channel One TV show and web site. Obligation hopes that articles like this will encourage Alabama school boards to quickly remove this marketing device from our...
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Chris Farley Death Story Eats Up Two Minutes of School Time

January 5, 1998

Channel One’s in-school TV show spent two minutes covering the death of and paying tribute to the comedic actor Chris Farley. It was considered a major story by Channel One on this Monday morning’s broadcast. Jim Metrock, Obligation president, said, “This is typical Channel One. They don’t care if they waste a student’s time,...
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No Response From Birmingham-Area Schools Concerning Chat Room Warnings

October 21, 1997

  Obligation sent a request/press release to each Birmingham-area school system that is still showing Channel One urging them to send home a warning to parents and students of the dangers of Internet chat rooms, especially the Channel One chat room since that is being advertised to students almost daily in school. So far, we have received no response from...
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“Channel One” Schools Urged To Warn Parents About Internet Chat Rooms

October 9, 1997

Press Release October 9, 1997 Contact: Jim Metrock 205-822-0080 “Channel One” Schools Urged To Warn Parents About Internet Chat Rooms “>(Birmingham, AL) Channel One, a controversial in-school TV show, is urging children to visit its Internet web site and its chat room and parents should be warned, says a local child advocacy group. Jim Metrock, president of Obligation, Inc., said,...
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“Critics Tune In To Channel One”

October 6, 1997

This article presented Obligation’s view of Channel One and the opposing view. The article was written by Elizabeth Wine ( or 205-325-2308). Although no local superintendent was quoted, State Superintendent Ed Richardson was. “(Richardson) said that the trade-off of advertising for technology is ‘an unfortunate dilemma’ but adds that he’s not too worried about the effects of advertising on students.”...
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Channel One Criticized for R-Rated Movie Reviews

August 15, 1997

  (Birmingham, AL) The companion website for the controversial in-school TV show Channel One has generated controversy of its own. The TV show and website both have a target audience of teens and pre-teens, yet this summer the Channel One website reviewed raunchy R-rated movies for kids. Obligation is a Birmingham-based child advocacy organization. It has monitored all aspects...
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A Math Exercise For Vestavia Hills Parents

May 15, 1997

Pizitz Middle School removed Channel One News in 2011. This math exercise helped show citizens how much Channel One cost.  Vestavia Hills is a suburb of Birmingham, AL. $ .0945 * Cost To Taxpayers For One Minute Of Pizitz Middle School Time Per Student X 12 Channel One Is At Least 12 Minutes Long $ 1.13...
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How To Be Stupid – The Lessons Of Channel One

May 1, 1997

From Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Extra! May/June 1997 How to be Stupid The Lessons of Channel One By Mark Crispin Miller News, of course, is not the point of Channel One-any more than it’s the point of those commercial TV newscasts that many of us watch at home night after night. If the basic...
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Alabama Child Advocacy Group to Present Latest Information on Channel One at State PTA Convention

April 16, 1997

Birmingham, AL – Obligation, Inc., a Birmingham-based child advocacy organization, has been invited by the Alabama PTA to present a workshop on the controversial in-school TV show, Channel One. Jim Metrock, president, and Mrs. Pat Ellis, Channel One Project Director, will be conducting the session on Friday, April 18th. (Alabama State PTA Convention, Embassy Suites, in Embassy Two,...
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