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New York Times Article on Channel One

December 11, 1999

A “must” if you are fighting Channel One in your school district. Get it at your local library. The article is entitled “Channel One’s Mixed Grade in Schools” by Constance Hays – Sunday, December 5, 1999. The article is on the front page of the business section. It runs for over 3,300 words. Channel One is in deep trouble...
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Ask Dr. Folkemer

November 28, 1999

Channel One – Peddlers of Despair   Ask Dr. Folkemer   Channel One, the marketing company with headquarters on Madison Avenue (by the way, their product called Channel One News is outlawed in all public schools in their own home state of New York) and studio in Hollywood USA has come up with another effort to look...
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Channel One Discussed At ASCD Meeting

December 14, 1998

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), a well-respected educational organization held a panel discussion on commercialism in schools on Capitol Hill last week. Channel One had Dr. Paul Folkemer, VP Education, on the panel to defend its presence in classrooms. Mr. Folkemer had a difficult time with his fellow panelists. Dan Fuller, National School Boards Association, said the decision...
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Channel One Schools Endorse Adam Sandler’s Newest Movie

November 6, 1998
Channel One Schools Endorse Adam Sandler’s Newest Movie

  Touchstone Pictures’ “The Waterboy”   Several ads ran for this Disney adult-comedy. The PG-13 was slapped on this film because of offensive adult language and crude sexual humor. A scene from the commercial Channel One ran for kids, shows the “Waterboy” knocking down a teacher in a classroom after the teacher makes the...
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Channel One Hires Lobbyist Group To Save Alabama Cash Flow

September 25, 1998

Paul Folkemer, Channel One’s newly-hired education VP, was nowhere to be seen at the Alabama Board of Education work session. The man that was so embarrassed that Shelby County, AL school board members knew more about his company than he did, had other pressing engagements than talking to the Alabama board of education. Channel One was one of the main...
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