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Teacher Email Dropped By Channel One

May 26, 2000

Channel One announced they have dropped their year long effort to get teachers to sign up for free Channel One email. Obligation has monitored the Channel One “Teach 1” forums which were a side-by-side feature with their email. Hardly any teacher used the forum section and it is not surprising that few used the email feature. It appears that...
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The Ugliest Joke Yet On Children

February 4, 2000

If you can imagine the Ku Klux Klan giving seminars on racial tolerance, then you’ll have no problem accepting Channel One teaching media literacy to the schoolchildren who are forced to watch their TV show and commercials under force of contract. The term “media literacy” is relatively new. Roughly it attempts to teach children and adults how to “read” media...
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Old Story, But Chilling – Channel One Ran Story on Jeffrey Dahmer in Classrooms

October 28, 1999

“It made me think about all of the terrible things my kids were exposed to in public school over the years – and none of us parents could ‘censor’ any of it. For instance, I was livid when Channel 1 broadcast news of Jeffrey Dahmer’s hideous murders directly into my kids’ classroom several years ago. I had censored...
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Big Changes Coming to Channel One

June 11, 1999

For months, Channel One tried to stop the U.S. Senate from looking into its unseemly presence in America’s schools, but it happened and Channel One was embarrassed. Now there is great speculation that an executive shake-up or a new PR campaign may happen soon. I will soon make my prediction on what will happen. (As if I know...
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U. S. Senate Hearing On Channel One News

May 20, 1999
U. S. Senate Hearing On Channel One News

  WIDTH=”450″ BORDER=”1″ align=”center” CELLPADDING=”0″ CELLSPACING=”2″>   ALIGN=”BOTTOM” BORDER=”0″ NATURALSIZEFLAG=”3″>   Ralph Nader, Pat Ellis, Jim Metrock, and Phyllis Schafly at the May 20, 1999 U.S. Senate hearing on Channel One. Mr. Nader and Mrs. Schafly testified against Channel One at the hearing and Mrs. Ellis and Mr. Metrock of Obligation submitted written testimony. The hearing clearly exposed Channel...
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