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Old Story, But Chilling – Channel One Ran Story on Jeffrey Dahmer in Classrooms

October 28, 1999

“It made me think about all of the terrible things my kids were exposed to in public school over the years – and none of us parents could ‘censor’ any of it. For instance, I was livid when Channel 1 broadcast news of Jeffrey Dahmer’s hideous murders directly into my kids’ classroom several years ago. I had censored...
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Who is Left at Channel One?

October 19, 1999

We said 1999 would be a disastrous year for Channel One and it has been much worse than even we forecasted. According to an Educational Marketer article, Channel One’s president, Kevin McAliley, “abruptly resigned” several weeks ago. In early summer, PRIMEDIA’s Chairman, William Reilly, offered his resignation which was no resignation at all. He was given the boot by...
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